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Bypass Surgery Made Comfortable With Small Incision For Grafts

Bypass surgery is now proven to be more durable and increases survival rate. This is a well established method as compared to other options. The factors that used to hinder it’s acceptance were -long incision, and longer stay in hospital
The latter has been taken care of by beating heart surgery wherein the length of stay in a normal risk patient is now around 45 days. The former is also not a hinderance any more due to small incisions.

Bypass surgery is now a life-saving procedure, giving durable relief from heart attacks It’s now comfortable and cosmetically friendly.

Around 9 patients get one arterial graft. If there are multiple blockages and one needs more number of grafts, then veins are taken from the patients legs and used in the heart. The advantage of bypass surgery is that in this procedure all blocked arteries can be covered in one go and grafted. Making it a complete revascularization, which increases survival rates higher. So if more grafts are needed, veins form an integral part of the surgery.

Earlier, for this, vems were harvested by giving long incision as it’s branches used to be clipped and tied, to avoid injuring to the vein and for it’s durability. This Bypass surgery requires taking grafts from the patients body, to create new routs Two types of grafts are available with us–arterial and venous used to be uncomfortable to the patient, though it never had any side effects.

But cosmetically.and during healing it caused some discomfort. In females. as the fat is more, it used to be a cause of concern as it could become a source of minor infections Keeping these in mind. veins are now harvested with a new technique in about 80% of the patients This technique is call endoscopic vein harvesting The advantage of this technique is that instead of long incision on the thigh and lower leg, there are only two small incision-one above the lance joint and one in the from and with the help of endoscopic or telescopic in lay man’s term whole length of veins are harvested.

It is a full system with which, with the help of camera and a dissector endoscopy, the whole length of vein is dissected in a tunnel. Its branches are identified and they are cartinzed or sealed and the vein length is taken out for use. It has a fast recovery rate due to the small incision made instead of long one on the abdomen. It is as kill. oriented technique and needs expertise and equipment, but it is patient- friendly. Advantage for this technique are:

> It is cosmetically comfortable for the patients.

> There are less chance of wound infection, especially in diabetics and females with fatty thighs.

> Causes less discomfort, less pain, has early mobility.

> Bending of legs near knee is easy in this

> lt is easily healable, which is preferred more.

It’s a simple procedure but beneficial and makes bypass surgery more comfortable. “We at Ojas are doing this procedure and giving benefit to the patients routinely in this whole region and have introduced it to tricity patients as well,” says Dr Virendar Sarwal.

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