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Bypass Surgery is the Best Option

Blockage in the heart arteries or the coronary artery disease is the single largest killer all over the world. Every 39 second a person loses his life because of heart disease in America, The best way to avoid heart disease is prevention as it is a metabolic disease but if because of other factor which is hereditary someone is still affected then choice of treatment becomes a major tool in getting relief on a long term basis.

We have three modes of treatment-medical management, interventions with stents and bypass surgery. Of late, technology improved in last 18 years and apart from medical treatment surgery or intervention became advanced to give relief to such patients and save them from death. But there was always confusion about how to choose one treatment at patient end and since every patient wants to avoid surgery so interventions increased.

But with time it was found that angioplasty with stents are not long-term solution and a second procedure was required within a short span of time which attracts financial implications and trauma to body. Other most harmful effect is stent closure sometimes leaves a major heart attack again as it is sudden. Surgery from day one when it started was a durable solution.

So in 2009 and 2012 two major trials, Syntax and Freedom were done worldwide as to see which procedure is suitable and in which condition on as reported on angiogram and out of the two which is more durable.

What came out was that bypass surgery only is the most durable as on date and is the Class-I indication in most of coronary artery disease as described by the American Heart Association for a durable outcome.

As far as the risk of surgery is concerned in normal risk patents it is same between surgery and angioplasty. More so, these days, bypass surgery is done on a beating heart, which reduces the stress on body for an early recovery and most of patients are discharged from hospital in 5-6 days.

All patients who need treatment for blockage in the arteries must consult a cardiac surgeon before deciding on the course of treatment to be adopted without getting scared with e name of surgery.

We at Ojas Hospital believe in heart team concept and both cardiology and cardiac surgery coordinate to give the best option to our patients.

A few other noble initiatives to help patients have been launched by us at Ojas Hospital like 10% discount on packages to senior citizen and a free ambulance service in and around tricity round-the- clock. We have tailored made packages with the aim to help one and all

Disclaimer: The veracity of any health claim made in the above article is the responsibility of the hospital/doctor concerned.


Dr Virendar Sarwal

Member Society of Thoracic Surgeons, US

Director and head of the department of CTVS

Ojas Super Speciality Hospital, Sector 26, Panchkula


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